Completed Projects

Drive Through / experimental short, 17:21 min, 2014 - 2015

Officially Selected:
- Stockholm Independent Film Festival, 2017
- Hellas Filmbox, Berlin, 2017
- Berlin Experimental Film Festival, 2016
- Antimatter Film Festival, Victoria, British Columbia, 2016
- L.A. Cine Fest, Los Angeles, 2016
- Depth Of Field Film Festival, Vancouver, 2016

Three young, white men travel through Morocco. They have assigned themselves a mission. They have entrusted a photographer with documenting their deeds. Nothing happens as envisioned…
The Eye of the Beholder / essay film, 17:35 min, 2013 – 2014

Officially Selected:
- Berlin Independent Film Festval, 2015
- Berlin Short Film Festval, 2015

The experimental short deconstructs approaches to photography and memory using the "adventures" of a European couple in Mexico as vehicle.
History Remix / site-specific audiowalk, 2011

The feature length audio play transports audiences to Munich during an era of mass migration (1955 - 1973). Free download in German & English.

Current Projects

Studio Harmattan / creative, interventionist documentary, 35:25 min, 2017

A collection of grotesque pop-culture masks is being passed from one photo-studio to the next, used by three enigmatic travellers as vehicles for smuggling themselves across a cultural threshold, in Benin, West Africa.

Future Projects

Business Unusual / essay film, in production

The second of a trilogy of experimental shorts on photography and memory.


lucidity [noun]
From the Latin lucidus: light, bright, clear.

1.The property of being lucid, free from obscurity, not confused.  
2. The state of being aware that one is dreaming.
3. The art of clarity in thought and style. 

walk [noun]
1. A period of movement on foot.
2.The act of walking, especially for pleasure.
3. A route for walking.
Stefanos Pavlakis
Email: stefanos.pavlakis[at]

Stefanos spots an intriguing story where no one is anticipating one. He masters the art of producing stunning images and layered narratives out of material generally assumed to be trivial. With a passion for researching and a talent to finding the appropriate approach and medium for each story unearthed, Stefanos is at the heart of the creative processes at lucid walks. Stefanos is co-owner and creative producer of EXPEDERE, The Story Factory and of Story Dealer, Berlin. He holds a practice-led PhD and an M.F.A in Fine Arts and B.A. in Film & Photography.
Panos Adamopoulos
Email: panos.adamopoulos[at]

Panos works out production solutions where there seem to be none! He has worked in various production positions for projects ranging from feature films and documentaries to numerous Olympic scale ceremonies, theatrical performances and cultural festivals. His experience in the management of versatile projects places Panos in the heart of the production process at lucid walks. Panos holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and a B.A. in Theatre Production.


lucid walks is based in Berlin and Athens

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